Design Philosophy in Action

Laura Morton’s approach to landscape design is grounded not just in aesthetics but also in solid, serious consideration of the environmental, conservation, natural habitat, and biological/botanical factors of the space to be transformed.

The house is the inspiration, this is the garden, and these are the fruits of my labor!

Art of the “Outdoor Room”

Award-winning landscape designer Laura Morton talks about one of her specialities: creating transformative outdoor spaces for entertaining guests, family—or just yourself.

Water Conservation in the Garden

Clean potable water is a very precious resource—one that all life on this planet just can’t live without. Here Laura Morton discusses the importance of water conservation in the garden and how she incorporates it into her designs.

Plants That Support Habitat

Laura Morton discusses how to create a garden that integrates with local ecosystems to support natural habitat by providing the four elements needed for wildlife to thrive: food, water, cover, and places to raise young.

What Is Biological Filtration?

In this video, Laura Morton explains what “biological filtration” is and how she incorporates this concept (rather than toxic chemicals) in the water features of the gardens she designs.

HGTV Landscapers’ Challenge

When Home & Garden TV was looking for landscape designers for their special celebrity episode of Landscapers’ Challenge with actor CCH Pounder, they scouted out Laura Morton, knowing she would present a fabulous design to impress their high-profile project. Take a look at Laura’s presentation in the following excerpts from that episode!

Meet the Designer

Join Laura Morton as she guides you on a visit to this beautiful Los Angeles Mediterranean garden. A few years after installation, this garden shows Laura’s artistry at creating an integrated and balanced outdoor environment complete with water garden and seating areas. Watch to get a sense of how she develops her inspiration.