Art of the Detail

A garden or landscaped space comes to life as you experience it—increasing joy and providing pleasurable distraction.
Laura Morton incorporates unique and eye-catching horticultural accents and landscape ornaments to enhance her exterior designs.

Extraordinary landscapes have their very own drama and personality. Managing the individual garden elements—from the selection of finishes to the flow of focal points in the landscape plan—is an art unto itself. These elements add dimension, express individuality, and bring harmony to the garden story. Since designed outdoor spaces are interactive with the natural world, a special knowledge and sensitivity is required to bring it all to life.

Laura Morton, FAPLD, possesses both artistic vision and intuition.

She has the ability to visualize and provide a client with unique solutions that personalize their space. Customized outdoor rooms with built-in seating and fire pits, tiled water features, or other dramatic elements make significant statements in a landscape. Exotic doors, unique lighting fixtures, and complementary upholstery details add a luxuriant ambiance to the finished space. Sculptural plants, custom wrought iron, or the elusive pattern of light and shadow will always captivate the viewer.

Laura Morton Design collaborates with a wide variety of artisans and professionals to bring these ideas to life.

“Our new landscape is layered, revealing its beauty to us through the details. It’s so much more than we could have ever imagined.”
— D. Clark (client)

Laura Morton is an artist with the landscape. She finesses each project with unique embellishments that interact with the spaces she visualizes in both small and bold ways.

Whether it is an ephemeral planting of freesias reflected in mercury glass or permanent mosaic paving, the visual effect is always memorably stunning!