Before and After

“Silverlake Jewel”


Front Yard

The exposed front yard of the property was transformed into a secluded grassy meadow with a dry creek bed, to which the drainage from the backyard area can flow.

Silverlake Jewel: Front Yard - before
Silverlake Jewel: Front Yard - after

Back Yard

This barren space has become a central activity area, complete with a semicircular concrete seat and fire pit for lounging, all punctuated and defined by strategic plantings.

Silverlake Jewel: Back Yard - before
Silverlake Jewel: Back Yard - after

Arbor & Patio

A wasted storage area was transformed into a romantic shaded dining terrace with water features, including an outdoor shower, vintage bathtub, and star-shaped fountain.

Silverlake Jewel: Arbor & Patio - before
Silverlake Jewel: Arbor & Patio - after

This well-traveled couple had just purchased their first home and were considering doing the renovations on their own…but it was proving to be more than they could handle.

— Laura Morton

Always brimming with ideas, and with access to great sources, Laura has a sophisticated aesthetic and a great eye, culled from years spent traveling the globe.

— Simon Heyrick (client)