Before and After

“Ozeta House”


Pool Seating Area

A very difficult planting area (due to shade and position) was transformed into a striking living space to take advantage of A.M. light and P.M. shade, while the fire pit evaporates evening humidity.

Ozeta House: Seating Area - before
Ozeta House: Seating Area - after

Raised Poolside Planter

This feature was adorned with mirrored balls and planted with turquoise-blue senecio succulents, which are low-maintenance, take advantage of winter rains, and pick up on the azure theme.

Ozeta House: Poolside Planter - before
Ozeta House: Poolside Planter - after


The tent, dark tiles, and brick patio, which seemed outdated and incongruent with the Mediterranean-white house, gave way to new plantings, white tiles, and a decking of creamy sandstone flag.

Ozeta House: Pool - before
Ozeta House: Pool - after

The view from the cool, shaded patio and tea garden reaches across a calm rectangular pool to a whimsical fountain area at the other end of the property. But the view wasn’t always so charming.

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