More Rave Reviews

Additional commentary on Laura Morton’s exterior design,
landscaping, and horticulture work from satisfied clients.

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Delighted with the Results
Side yard garden

Side yard garden

“I met Laura when I attended a garden lecture/presentation at a local women’s club. I did not have any immediate plans for a landscape project, but I was so taken with her creativity, vision, and images of her projects that I asked her to come take a look at our garden. She quickly had an idea for a small side yard, which we went ahead with.

“I was delighted with the results and have continued to work with her on several other large projects, including a redesign of our entire front garden. I felt she listened to our wishes and concerns and came up with such creative ideas. She has great follow-through and an impressive list of resources.

“In addition to all these attributes, she is such a pleasure to work with!”

— S. Osen
“Pasadena Elegance”

A Garden Sanctuary
Courtyard garden

Courtyard garden

“Laura’s approach is to find out what the client’s tastes are—and to exceed their desires. The whole process was educational for me, as I had never before had anyone create a landscape for me.

“The design phase was an absolute pleasure, as she explained her concepts so clearly. And the actual installation was both quick and professional. Now there are more birds and butterflies in the garden. It is very beautiful, and visitors always comment positively about it.

“So we spend a lot more time there—it is a place where our daughter loves to be, just to smell the flowers. It feels like a sanctuary!”

Cary Elwess
“Andalusian Courtyard in Malibu”

Moroccan-style dining tent

Detail of a Moroccan-style dining tent

“Laura did an amazing job on our rooftop Moroccan garden. She transformed a dull space into an amazing urban refuge. From arranging the construction to planning the irrigation system to choosing the plants and trees, she did first-rate work.”

Mike Dieffenbach
“Rooftop Oasis”

Great Sense of Design
Outdoor dining area

Shaded outdoor dining area

“Laura is as talented as they come. She has a great sense of design. Everything she does is well thought-out, creative, and soulful. Additionally, she has an exceptional knowledge of plants/trees/shrubs, and knows what will thrive in specific environments. Laura listens well and is extremely passionate about what she does.”

“crginsberg” (from HOUZZ)
“Canyon Family Playground”

Beyond Pleased
Upholstered seating with lamp

L-shaped seating with lamp

“Laura Morton is a wonderful designer! I have used her on three projects now and have always been beyond pleased. She lives and breathes design and has an innate ability to capture that special element which results in a unique showpiece. She listens and is thoughtful and truly creative. She takes an idea and considers the best way to achieve it with your budget and available resources. She will bring the magic to your home.”

“malajv” (from HOUZZ)
“Hollywood Oasis”

Laura Is a Treasure
Moroccan-style courtyard

Moroccan-style courtyard

“Laura Morton…what a happy story. My wife and I decided to get a jacuzzi for the backyard. That one thought led us to consider re-creating the entire environment, including the backyard, the master bedroom, and master bathroom. We had as many as three crews working at the house—and Laura was the creative, protective, and hands-on ringmaster of it all.

“Laura sat down with us numerous times helping us discover our preferences. We were fortunate that, because we chose an authentic Moroccan style, Laura travels to Morocco often, and knows the local stores and proprietors in Los Angeles as well.

“The bottom line is that after many months of crews coming through the house, last-minute changes, budget considerations, and all…we have cherished every moment that Laura has been on the project. We couldn’t imagine anyone who could have done a better job or anyone who could have been better with us. Laura is a treasure, and we hope the friendship that developed during this project will continue through the years.”

Benjamin Shield
(from HOUZZ)

“Talented and visionary”

Laura is a talented and visionary designer who understands the opportunities and constraints of garden-making in harmony with the climate, responsive to a site’s potential, and respect for a client’s needs and desires.

Richard Turner
Editor, Pacific Horticultural Foundation

“Artistic flair and sense of style”

Laura incorporates artistic flair and sense of style into her designs. She develops unique outdoor environments for each client while keeping her belief in sustainability and the beauty of nature at the forefront of each project.

Colleen Hamilton
Designer/Owner, Bloomin’ Landscape Designs

“Creative and highly polished landscape design”

I am terrifically impressed by the creative and highly polished landscape design work of Laura Morton. As the awards chairperson of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, I have had the privilege to see her work awarded every time entered.

William (Bill) Healy
President, Healy Design, Inc.