“A Stroll Through the Glorious Gardens”

Press Clipping from Pasadena Star-News

April 27, 2001

PROJECT: Pasadena Showcase House of Design

By Karen Dardick, Correspondent
Staff Photos by Walt Mancini

It’s time when gardens spring forth with wonderful plants and gardeners are brimming with inspiration. And it’s also time for another spectacular Pasadena Showcase House of Design display of elegant and creative landscaping and garden designs.

This year, display gardens galore are filled to overflowing with thought-provoking designs for ornamental pleasure gardens, whimsical spaces for fun as well as practical and decorative edible gardens. In addition, gardening enthusiasts can observe some new and noteworthy plants among the thousands on display on the 3.5-acre site where mature, majestic oak, sycamore and pepper trees provide a framework for the demonstration gardens.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk up a hilly slope to view this estate and its terraced gardens.

The formal design and intricate series of terraces has inspired 17 landscape designers to evoke images of Mediterranean gardens, artful interpretations of paintings, lush water features and more.

One of the jewels of this year’s Showcase House is a jeweled reflecting pond created by Laura Morton and Kolleen White. Morton is a jewelry designer who has recently expanded into the world of landscape design. Her artistry combines with the skills of landscape designer White to create a space that’s alluring, magical and colorful.

The focal point is a reflecting pond. On its surface hover five colorful dragonflies. The two-foot creatures with three-foot wingspans were made by Morton from powder-coated wrought iron, glass beads, crystal and semiprecious gems. The still water reflects blue sky, overhanging jacaranda trees and faces of intrigued visitors. Nearby, a long border contains several espaliered fruit trees fastened to custom trellises that coordinate with the dragonflies.♦

Pasadena Star News - April 27, 2001 - A Stroll Through the Glorious Gardens

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