Before and After

“Villa Pina”


Terrace off Dining Room

What can one say? It had lots of wall, while the gravel and ficus trees added nothing. This space now holds a grotto-like water feature and red cobble reminiscent of a European courtyard. The walls are slathered with pigmented plum-red lime wash.

Villa Pina: Dining Room - before
Villa Pina: Dining Room - after

View from Stairway

In this view looking down from the top of the steps, the barren space was dominated by an overgrown ash tree. We removed it, and marvelous armchairs were carved from the trunk. Now, an iron overhead carrying wisteria shades a romantic dining area, while a lush garden and the gentle sound of trickling water invite guests outside.

Villa Pina: Stairway - before
Villa Pina: Stairway - after

Pool Terrace

Though quite green, this uninteresting space was practically unusable due to its high maintenance and irrigation requirements. To salvage the area, we paved it with repurposed brick (found on the property) to create a stable lounge patio and walkway, finished off with terracotta-colored walls and vintage lanterns. Now the fragrance of rosemary and potted lemon trees fills the air.

Villa Pina: Terrace - before
Villa Pina: Terrace - after

Swimming Pool

Wallpapered with a creeping fig barely clinging to life, this dismal-looking area needed something simple yet dramatic to spiff it up. Colored lime-wash walls and restored brickwork did the trick! Bonus: low maintenance and a clean pool.

Villa Pina: Pool - before
Villa Pina: Pool - after

Terrace off Living Room

Lacking both design and comfort, this dull space was the epitome of “uninviting.” Now it boasts yellow ochre walls, encaustic tiles, and vintage paneling that are anything but dull; and the deep built-in sofa and raised fire pit offer a warm and irresistible welcome to anyone who steps inside this rechristened “Den of the Moors.”

Villa Pina: Living Room - before
Villa Pina: Living Room - after

I proposed extending the indoor dwelling spaces onto “living room gardens” that would include a den with gas fire pit off the living room; an arbor-covered dining room with grotto-style water feature off the kitchen; a small park off the master bedroom; and a lounging terrace adjacent to the pool.
— Laura Morton