Before and After

“Blue Bayou”


Looking Down the Pool

Previously, brick edge coping, along with an odd curb hiding pool equipment, was all too close and overwhelming. After the redesign, the planting areas creep to the pool edge, which is defined by natural stone. Blue fencing all but disappears in the reflection of the water. Butia palms, alongside a round orange lounger, are now a focal point.

Outdoor Living: Pool - before
Outdoor Living: Pool - after

Looking Back Toward House

We planned on changing the colors as well as the windows to coordinate better with bluestone and plantings. The palm trees, boulders, and plantings now softly divide the space.

Outdoor Living: House - before
Outdoor Living: House - after

Back Yard

Because the backyard space had been unused previously anyway, we decided to move the pool equipment back and add a changing room and outdoor shower. The “after” photo here shows the floating dividers that separate yet add dimension and functional space.

Outdoor Living: Backyard - before
Outdoor Living: Backyard - after

“Outdoor Living” Area

Before: concrete meets turf meets a hedge—not nice! Now the fluid lines soften the edges of the different areas. In addition, we have seating, entertaining, cooking, and “urban farming” instead of unusable turf.

Outdoor Living: Outdoors - before
Outdoor Living: Outdoors - after

The clients’ wish list was long: pool party and play areas were desired alongside urban farming and adult gathering spaces with a cozy fire. An outdoor cooking and dining space was important, as were new pool decking and equipment. Along the way we added an outdoor shower, changing room, and facilities amenable to pool party use.
— Laura Morton

All “Outdoor Living in Style” AFTER photos are courtesy of Ross Whitaker.
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